The practice of peace

This practice of peace should actually create new positive seeds, don’t you think so? Be interested in your thoughts! …

The Good News

We have to understand in order to be of help. We all have pain, but we tend to suppress it, because we don’t want it to come up in our living room. The most important thing is that we need to be understood. We need someone to be able to listen to us and understand us.

Then we will suffer less. But everyone is suffering and no one wants to listen. We don’t know how to express ourselves so that people can understand. Because we suffer so much, the way we express our pain hurts other people, and they don’t want to listen.

Listening is a very deep practice. You have to empty yourself. You have to leave space in order to listen … especially to people we think are our enemies. The ones we believe are making our situation worse. When you have shown your capacity for listening and…

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